Differentiating Yourself in the College Admission Process


The college admission process can be very stressful, especially if you’re applying to well-known universities, such as Harvard University, University of Oxford, or the University of Cambridge.

Last year, Harvard University had almost forty thousand applicants, but only three hundred of them were accepted. However, if you know how to present yourself, maybe you will feel more relaxed and determined, rather than worried.

While differentiating yourself can sometimes be difficult to do, there are some tips that can help you tailor your way to the college to which you applied. It’s not going to be easy and stress-free, but at least you will be more optimistic and confident.

Know yourself and where you are

The college admission process is a competition between you and the other students that apply to the same university.

Every student is different and has his/her own style, his/her own traits. What kind of student are you? Are you a workaholic? Or maybe you are the artist. Do you have leadership skills? Or are you a public servant who loves helping others in solving their problems.

So before anything else, you should discover what your main characteristics are. After this, you can worry about the admission.

Determine your approach

Now that you know your traits, it is important to determine how you will approach your application. Think about your motivation, skills, and goals and write about them.

Ask yourself: why do you want to apply for this university? What motivates you and makes you the perfect student for it? Answer these questions and outline your goals and motivations.

Remember about high school. What were you best at? Highlight your best results.

Extracurricular activities

Many universities require some information about your extracurricular activities. If you did something else besides your high school classes, don’t hesitate to write it down. It can be a real plus for your application. However, try to link your activities to your goals. This way, your application will be more valuable.

Have you been a tutor? Then write about it. Tell them how you felt. Share your experience and maybe you will prove to be fit for the university you chose.

Many students volunteer in order to have something to write about in their application. But maybe you did it because you wanted it. Don’t act the same, be different. Be special.

Be creative and try to interpret your performances. Show them how it helped you grow and become the person you are now. An application is not meant to contain empty words, it’s meant to be about yourself.

Don’t write too much

It is very important to avoid overcompensating your application. If you overload your resume, you will risk boring the reader and this may result in your failure. Remember that your application is supposed to reflect your academic background. Don’t write about things that are not connected to the academic interests. Try to draw the attention to what really matters.

Final thoughts

From my point of view, while writing your application, you should talk about yourself as a person, your passions and what makes you really special. Writing this down and making it believable should do the trick. A resume should be the mirror of your curricular and extracurricular background. You can’t lie to it. Stay motivated and pursue excellence, follow your intuition and take advantage of your situation.

In conclusion, the college admission process can be a stressful and quite hard thing to do, but by differentiating yourself from others, you can definitely pass it with flying colors.