When I moved to Australia, I knew I was going to experience new things and take advantage of new opportunities. And I was right. The Australian society is, by definition, multicultural and open-minded. On that note, I am currently studying at Melbourne Business School, the University of Melbourne. This vibrant city has won me over – it was love at first sight.

If we were to analyze human history, we would soon realize that business lies at the core of the human society, even from the earliest days. Truthfully, many people argue that the continual exchange of goods is the keystone of our development into a modern world. What is more, business remains the key element to innovation and progress, being interconnected with the past, the present and the future.

Getting a degree in business and management challenges your thinking and your problem-solving skills. It provokes you to come up with insightful, efficient solutions to tough situations. Plus, although, on the surface, the business world may seem like the simple act of exchanging material goods, there are other things that go unnoticed: knowledge of patterns, statistics, economic formulas, and the list may go on.

One of the things that drew me towards the business realm was communication and networking. Succeeding in the business world is impossible if one isn’t open to collaborating with other professionals. I also believe that a business degree program can develop one’s creativity. The rapid expanding realm of business is evolving, considering that we live in an increasingly globalized world, and, this, to me, is thought-provoking.

By participating in lectures, I acquired a lot of knowledge regarding this challenging field of study. I like that the professors are eager to clearly explain the core concepts associated with business and management. Of course, by including real-life aspects and examples, the lectures are made more interesting altogether.

One of the most noteworthy advantages of getting a business and management major is that it grants you the chance to define and exert your ambition. What is more, it provides you numerous opportunities, work-wise. That’s because the processes learned are easily applicable to other fields, making this major versatile. To some extent, business is universal.

One has the chance of tailoring their degree depending on their career aspirations – in this way, you can study the subjects that trigger your interests most. And that’s what my blog consists of: my experiences as an American student in Australia, my college tips and hacks, and so on and so forth. Welcome!